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Opinion about leading Eugene Oseledko
Preparations for the wedding (06.09.2014) began months before the actual event. In March, we have chosen leading, came to Eugene Oseledko. Twice I met him (the first – to explore, second to prepayment), we recommended that good friends, so the contract is not concluded. So, here's what was waiting for us in the next 5 months:
When meeting Eugene Oseledko promised to send us e-mail template script in which we write up all your suggestions about the program. And he's already given all of our comments, will work through the entire program again and send it to us, so we again all looked and worked on. Assured that the time we have a lot (5 months) and all this time fruitfully and we will be working closely to meet (if we need it), constantly call up, in General to keep abreast.
And so, after reminding us of our was sent to the template. We have deleted all that is not wanted at the wedding, ordered that we will definitely have comments about the guests, the decoration details and the whole day (because there was away). Sent immediately back to him with a request to see and reply to everything he reads. In response to the silence.
Again write and call him, "Eugene, do you read?" Phoned not the first time. Eugene: "yeah, you guys all looked, I'll send you the script back." And silence. After a reminder is again sends us a template, we are at a loss. He must have mixed, we think. 
Respond to him via email, saying that Eugene, we have already sent you a response template with all our wishes. Look, please, all same version with comments (and again attach our file). Silence in response.
Here there is a similar situation – the assurance that he is working on our wedding, now send the answer, again, only after several reminders he sends us the file. And what we see – again pattern. Again the initial situation. We have three times received the template))
We don't know what to think. The wedding is a few weeks. It seems we have not obtained, in writing, to resolve all issues under the program. We decide to meet. Meeting appointed in a convenient place and time. A few days before the meeting decide to call him all in force. He's not answering our calls, not responding to our emails - no texts, no contact. Although the Internet activity it had at the time – he was online, and he has left messages on the walls of their friends, in General, able to communicate with us he had. We continue to call him and to write – silence. On the day of the meeting, to really claim to us just was not coming and waiting for it for about 1.5 hours at the assigned place. The wedding is just 10 days, according to the program of the Banquet and the horse is not lying. Not the most pleasant emotions I experienced in that week. Decided to look for a new host, occasionally tinkling and opisyvaet Eugene, in response to the usual - nothing. At one point we even started to worry, whether there is something wrong with a person if he does not get in touch with us, with our clients, to whom I would like to think he has some obligations. But then again seeing his Internet activity, I did not know what to think.
7 days before the wedding we found our wonderful new leader, who is still eternally grateful for a super evening!
Well, 5 days before the wedding Eugene Oseledko still out on bond: "sorry guys, I was on vacation, I'm totally your". And then we lose the gift of speech)) finally! Eugene Oseledko descended to their customers.
Call him and start talking, so things are not done, and why don't we meet and disappear, and we're chasing you all summer, like we owe you something. What he asks: "what do you mean?" We: "we found another host and would like to get back the Deposit". He: "No problem, throw details". Threw him the details, and, as you can already guess, no answer, no greeting, no money we never received. Periodically yet again wrote and called to him those six months – he is not responsible for calls and messages.
A response was received only today, when he wrote to the PM in contact that we are still waiting for the money and if not wait in the near future, we'll write about you opinion on the Internet. 
Eugene Oseledko said: "on 6 September for a week we never found the order. previously to that date had been suggestions. so we lost with a DJ much more. my services refused to you. Deposit taken for this purpose . don't forget to specify this on all available Internet resources. have a nice day)"
Well what can I say:) we Ourselves probably to blame)) And our wedding was the most perfect, many thanks, Eugene, that you were such a person we did not want to deal with and we found our wonderful host for your wedding day.
The essence of the claims in Eugene Oseledko not even the return of the Deposit (with a Deposit we said goodbye in the summer, when I saw how he works with clients in Eugene), and unfulfilled promises: the promise to send the script, promising to meet and promise to return the money. Why it all had to promise not to perform? It is still summer, it was impossible to say "guys, I don't have time now, let's get to the point will work on your script" or "guys, I'm on vacation sudden leave, let's reschedule". Well, to return the money also could not promise if you wasn't going to do it from the beginning:) overall, would not recommend to anyone to have with them any Affairs. 
What do you say, Eugene? What we are wrong? Or it's probably pre-wedding jitters exaggerated and in such relation to clients there is nothing wrong? Presented the situation that if he is even 5 minutes late on the wedding day, I would have a stroke, after all his antics.
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