Eugene Oseledko

16 Мая 2017

Preparations for the wedding (06.09.2014) began months before the actual event. In March, we have chosen leading, came to Eugene Oseledko twice I met him (the first – to explore, second to prepayment), we recommended that good friends, so the contract is not concluded. So, here's what was waiting for us in the next 5 months:

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The Fiery Procession - Correfoc

16 Мая 2017

The fire procession in Barcelona at the festival La Merce, which the Catalans celebrate in September, is timed to the beginning of autumn by the end of summer.

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Огненное шествие - Correfoc

15 Января 2015

 Огненное шествие в Барселоне на празднике La Merce который каталонцы отмечают в сентябре, приурочен он к концу лета началу осени.

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